Thursday, September 23, 2010

Civilization V And Borderless Windowed Fullscreen

Update 20 March 20120: please refer to this page on PCGamingWiki for further updates on borderless fullscreen windowed mode for any game

I've been trying to make Civilization V work using my normal method of windowing the game, and then using the program ShiftWindow to push the game to fullscreen (guide). However, it hasn't been working as well as I had hoped. Firstly, the windowed border refuses to stretch to the correct aspect ratio of the screen, so that it always leaves a border either at the top or the bottom. Secondly, the mouse is not bound within the window, so mouse edge scrolling is disabled (mouse scrolling is an important part of any game involving large amounts of units and terrain).

However it's not all bad because Civilization V has very robust alt-tab and multi-display compliance. In fullscreen, alt-tabbing is fairly quick and seamless with only a 2-3 second delay. With a second monitor, the mouse is not bound whichever side that monitor is even in fullscreen. However, clicking outside the Civilization V area does not result in minimizing the main game (as most games do), but allows the full interaction with another window simultaneously. This means that you could be playing a video file or browsing the web whilst you move in and out of the game seamlessly. However, for those with only one display, the alt-tabbing still works well (and certainly works better than it did in Civilization IV).