Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: DAVE From Ikea, An In-Depth Look At The Best Couch Desk / Laptop Table

As a response to my previous article (How To: Do PC Gaming On Your Couch Or Sofa) I've been asked to give a more in-depth look at the Ikea DAVE.

The Ikea DAVE is marketed as a "laptop table", but really for the rest of us it is the ultimate adjustable couch desk for the keyboard and mouse. It allows the keyboard to be stable at exactly the right height and to give plenty of level space to use the mouse. This single purchase has is the single most important part of the PC couch gaming setup and has completely changed the way I use my PC. It is more comfortable than using craning over on a coffee table to use a keyboard, or having the keyboard on your lap. And the mouse is much more accurate on a hard and firm surface instead of on a couch arm.

The cost of most "laptop tables" are priced ridiculously. This one is £75.12, and this one is £51.08. DAVE is available from any Ikea internationally for the price of £14.99 and $17.99.

Also makes a great laptop table (this is a tiny 8.9" laptop).
There are some downsides to the DAVE, however, since it does not stray from being a typical Ikea product, made with materials that feel fairly cheap. The topside of the table is made of a thick hardened plastic susceptible to being marked by heat or that cup of freshly brewed hot chocolate. And you will want to eat and drink off this table because it is exactly the right kind of height for it when you are sitting or lying on the couch.

Slight susceptible to marking from heat.
The table itself can be extended fairly high up. At its maximum height it is less stable, and you will feel a lot of wobble if you try to use it like this.

Not tall enough or stable enough to use whilst standing (I'm 180cm tall).
However, DAVE's greatest feature is not having 4 legs, or being a tripod. Instead, it has a single leg with a Y-shaped foot. This makes it ideal for slotting in as close as possible to the couch, whilst also not adding any bulk when walking around it. It's easy to push out when you want to stand up, and it's very stable in its medium and lowest positions.

Easily the best and cheapest part of my PC gaming setup.

Overall for the price, this table is a great addition to any gaming or HTPC setup and is highly recommended.