Saturday, November 06, 2010

Use A Fruit Peeler As Cheap Cheese Slicer

Using a standard fruit peeler is an easy way to cut thin slices of cheese quickly and conveniently from a larger block. Simple as that!

But why?

1) No need for an expensive, specialized tool.
2) Easy to wash up and clean.
3) No need to take the cheese out of the packaging fully.
4) Keeping cheese in blocks minimizes surface area exposed to air and prevents the cheese drying out.

Any type of fruit peeler will do!
Buying cheese in blocks tends to be a fair amount cheaper than buying pre-sliced. This article from The Guardian explores the kinds of markups that supermarkets add onto 'fruit packs' (which can be sold for £1.40, but could be made with a little effort for 28p). Don't let yourself get conned into buying food like fruit packs or sliced and grated cheese, because they require minimal amounts of time and effort to prepare.