Friday, February 17, 2012

New Project: PCGamingWiki

I've been working very hard lately on a new project, which is PCGamingWiki.

It's a wiki designed to fix PC gaming and stop forum rage.

Our goal is to fix every single PC game, with a single page for all information about:
  • Performance issues and fixes
  • Optimisations, cfgs and hacks
  • Save game locations and syncing
  • Bugs, workarounds and community patches
  • Alt-tab and fullscreen windowed mode
  • Cutscene and video skipping
  • Getting the most out of PC gaming
We are not interested in:
  • Synopsis of a game
  • Game content or reviews
  • Illegally acquiring DLC or bypassing DRM

Sample of articles with strong relevancy:
 I hope to see some of my readers there!